Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 is the latest console in Sony. It is sleek, modern and has a pleasing look. After opening up the box you will notice it comes with one controller, a power cord, headphones and the paper work. The system doesn’t get as hot and it is lot quieter. There are two USB free ports in the front of the console. The back has an HDMI and SPDIF ports. The SPDIF ports for surround sound. You will also come across the gigabit Ethernet port and the proprietary jack for the camera. The CPU is 1.6 Ghz and it has a single chip processor, which is the AMD “Jaguar”. The memory has 8GB of GDDR5 with a 500GB hard drive.

The Wi-Fi capability is okay, but still pretty fast even if you use a regular broadband. A couple of improvements have been made to its interface. The interface has been smoothed out as well. The PlayStation 4 has content and social interactions. The gaming apps have improved and are more organized. It is also a lot easier to find. You will find that going from one app to another is a lot faster. The games load faster than the previous console. There are some technical issues in the infrastructures. This was also the case for the PS3. The big difference is that on the PS3 it was free. On the PS4 there is a subscription fee, but the technicians work faster to fix issues you may encounter.

The DualShock controller is beautifully designed and has been improved. There are new functionalities, such as being able to plug in a 3 mm headset right on the controller. You are able to chat and text right on the controller. The audio is actually not bad. The sound is clear. There is a touch pad that as of now is only being used for text. The speaker has no use as of yet. The feel and sensitivity of the DualShock has improved greatly. There is light bar that has been incorporated in the control to allow the PlayStation camera to easily identify the player. The share button makes for easier use of the sharing and socializing feature.

Gameplay sharing has been made a lot simpler. The comments left can be seen in real time. There is a picture-to-picture view. This personalizes the gameplay. You can upload saved games to YouTube. There are still some kinks to workout, but overall it is an excellent feature. There is a voice command feature, but the downside is that it is limited to starting gameplay and navigating the menu. The USB storage device can be used to transfer screen shots and clips of the game. There is a share play feature where you can give someone on your friends list control of the game. The co-play option can be used in games that are strictly multiplayer.

The PlayStation 4 is overall a great system and is very powerful. It is faster and filled with many innovative possibilities.

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