X Box 1 S

With the release of the new Xbox 1 S, gamers have stepped up their Xbox experience as they have known it. Microsoft has released an even better gaming system than before with a less bulky console. The perks of the new Xbox 1 S are amazing.

The gaming system is smaller than the previous version of the Xbox consoles. The new console is forty percent smaller than it was before. The console will allow you to play the old versions of the Xbox games as well as the new Xbox 1 games. The small size is carrying an internal power storage and a 2TB of internal memory.

The new Xbox 1 S also stepped up its viewing features. The console now has High Dynamic Range technology that brings out a brighter and more vibrant image for better viewing on movies and favorite games. The 4K HD allows all of the movies being watched on bluray to be four times the definition that you would receive in your regular HD.

The features also include a IR system. Having a ton of remotes for your cable, television, and gaming systems can be a hassle. With the new Xbox 1 S, you can sync all of your remote controls to one providing you the quickest and easiest means of switching stations.

The remote control for the Xbox 1 S has also changed for your more enhanced gaming experience. The new bluetooth wireless remote allows a higher distance range for your remote to work. The remote also has a new textured grip so no matter how intense your gaming gets, you can keep your grip on your remote and beat that level. The remote also contains new impulse triggers for you to be able to move quicker on all of your favorite games.

While some people want their Xbox 1 S to be a plain sleek color, Xbox 1 S is offering designs on it, so you can show everyone your favorite games. From Gears of War to Battlefield, you can customize your Xbox to show you as a gamer.

The Xbox 1 S is the fastest, most reliable live gaming system on the market. You can get exclusive access to Blockbuster and early releases of games. The gaming system allows you to play with other Xbox owners over a wireless network. You can communicate with others over a headset and play in real time with other gamers to keep your gaming experience lively. You can start a party or chat online with other people who share the same love as you for your favorite games. You can also unlock levels, customize your avatar, and learn secrets to beating some of the toughest levels in all of your games.

The gaming system is starting at $299 online, which is an amazing price since the Xbox 1 is still that price as well. You can watch a video of the new Xbox 1 S system and all of its technological advances at Xbox’s website here… .

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